The first of its kind in the Kingdom, the Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition aimed to preserve its national heritage and promote falconry and hunting culture to the younger generations.


NOFA WILDLIFE PARK: An African Safari in the Desert

If you're looking for another fun and unique happening here in Riyadh, try a safari tour at Nofa Wildlife Park.

CAUCASUS IN A GLANCE: 3 Days Trip to Georgia & Armenia (Part 2/2)

For my second and third day, I availed day tours where I can explore the Georgian countryside and it's amazing neighbor, the country of Armenia.

CAUCASUS IN A GLANCE: 3 Days Trip to Georgia & Armenia (Part 1/2)

Located between the borders of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, the Caucasus is a diverse region with amazing landscape and culture. This is the story of how I spent my 3-day holiday in the ex-Soviet Union countries Georgia & Armenia.


What better way to escape the scorching heat of Riyadh than to go somewhere cold?! Guess where?! To the city of ABHA. For those who say that Saudi Arabia is just a plain hot desert, Abha is an exception. Located more than 900 km southwest of the capital Riyadh, Abha is a favorite summer getaway due to its great location and cool climate throughout the year.


Visita Iglesia or Seven Churches Visitation is a holy tradition among Catholics during the Lenten Season wherein devotees visit at least seven churches and recite the Stations of the Cross. Here is my list of 7 beautiful old churches in the province of Cavite which can be visited during Visita Iglesia

The Quest for Al Baik: Saudi’s Famous Chicken

It was a long overdue plan to visit an Al Baik restaurant. So when branches in Al Kharj finally opened, we didn't miss the chance to give it a try.

Ushaiger Heritage Village

The weather is getting cooler nowadays so I guess it's time to get ready for some weekend roadtrip. How about heading 200 km northwest of Riyadh to see Ushaiger, one of the oldest towns of Najd region?

CENTRAL VISAYAS CHRONICLES: DIY Trip to Cebu, Dumaguete & Bohol on a Budget

Rich history. Breathtaking natural resources. Diverse wildlife. These are just some words that best describe Cebu and Bohol. Two months had already passed but the memories of our central Visayas escapade still lingers on my mind. This is the story of our week-long adventure to Cebu and Bohol with side trip to Dumaguete with a budget of Php 8,500.

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