Ennessi: An Organic Farm in Riyadh

DSC_5670Nowadays, more and more people are opting for organic vegetables and fruits. But what does being organic means? Why do consumers choose organic products despite its higher price compared to normal products find in the supermarket?

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SHORT ESCAPE TO BAHRAIN: Saudi-Bahrain Border Crossing Thru King Fahd Causeway


It was time for Hajj holiday. My friend & I decided to venture out to some unfamiliar place. We made up our mind to see the little neighbor of Saudi that was Bahrain. Continue reading

Our Misadventures in Macau


The Grand Lisboa

Traveling is an exciting thing to do. It teaches us to appreciate the beauty of life and shows us how wonderful God’s creations are. But what will you do if your expected great holiday turns into an unforgettable misadventure?

On our week-long trip to Hong Kong, we planned to take a peek to its neighboring region of Macau. Macau is only an hour away by ferry from Hong Kong. Continue reading

Travel Around Hong Kong


Last year, my friends and I visited this small island nation called Hong Kong.

A vibrant and diverse region in the southern part of China, Hong Kong is one of the favorite vacation getaways of tourists from all over the globe. Hong Kong literally means “fragrant harbor”. It is well-known for its beautiful skyline and contrast of Eastern and Western influences. Continue reading

Quick UAE Getaway


I’ve always been longing to see Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It makes me feel bad whenever I think that Dubai is just a stone throw away from Saudi but still I can’t even take a glimpse of it.

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One Sunny Day at Wadi Namar…


If you’re looking for a place to unwind far more different from the usual parks you visit here in Riyadh, then I suggest going to Wadi Namar located in Exit 24. This man-made reservoir is a favorite picnic spot for locals, but recently, more and more expats are visiting the place.

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Inside Saudi Aviation Museum


Whether you are an aviation geek, aspiring pilot, plane enthusiast or just curious like me, you will surely have a great time on this museum.

The Royal Saudi Air Force Museum or Saqr Al Jazira was established in 1999. It displays the development of Royal Saudi Air Force from its establishment in 1920s up to present. Continue reading

Riyadh Spring Festival 2016


The weather is changing, the flowers are calling and I must go. 🙂

Who doesn’t love flowers? Whenever I see flowers in full bloom it gives me the feeling of tranquility and bliss. So when I learned about the spring festival here in Riyadh, I immediately convinced myself to go and check it out. Continue reading

Trip to Al Marai Factory & Bakery


L’usine breads, 7 Days Croissant, Alyoum Chicken….what do these products have in common?

The answer is…. they are all produced by Al Marai!

Located more than 110 km from the city center is Al Marai, the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world. Continue reading

A Glimpse of Princess Nourah University


Wandering the largest university for women in the world is such an opportunity that should never be missed.

Although women’s right in Saudi Arabia is limited, it doesn’t mean that they cannot avail of the excellent education that they deserve. The establishment of Princess Nourah University is a breakthrough in women empowerment.

Princess Nourah bint Abdul Rahman University (PNU) formerly known as Riyadh University for Women is a public university in Riyadh. Continue reading