Trip to Al Marai Factory & Bakery


L’usine breads, 7 Days Croissant, Alyoum Chicken….what do these products have in common?

The answer is…. they are all produced by Al Marai!

Located more than 110 km from the city center is Al Marai, the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world.


Al Marai was established in 1977 by Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer.  It is one of the largest food production companies in the Middle East. It also plays a big role in the society like participating in exhibitions and festivals like the Janadriyah and supporting various activities and charity organizations.

It was my second time to visit Al Marai Factory. The first time we went here, the bakery was under construction. Now, the bakery is operational but the farm is closed. Anyway, I’ll be showing pictures of the factory, bakery and farm.

It took us more than one hour to reach the place. Al Marai provided the transportation going to Al Kharj.  Only 50 visitors are allowed for each trip. Upon entering the factory, we were greeted by a Saudi staff.


Our first stop was a mini theater or auditorium.  A short audio-visual presentation was played to help us get familiarized with a little history and quick info about Al Marai.DSC_0945



Next stop, the state-of-the-art factory. Our guide let us roam the place freely. Here, the designs of hallways are colorful and very informative. Trivia are posted on the walls.  We could see the juice production on the other side of the window. Everything was operated by machine. Kids enjoyed the play areas. Everyone didn’t miss the chance to take some photographs on the lovely set-up.DSC_0961

After the factory, we had to go back to our bus for the next trip. The bakery is located on another area; it’s more than 10 mins. travel from the factory.  Our next stop was L’usine Village. I, myself, am a great fan of L’usine breads. I love their multigrain sliced bread and the very soft puffs. Here, I witnessed how the machines made my favorite snacks. I really had a great time looking at and taking photos of the wafer windmill and the hanging biscuits and croissants.


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Our last stop was the banquet hall. It’s time for lunch. Lunch was also provided for each trip. The chef prepared delectable meals for the visitors. Each table had a set-up of their products like juices, fresh milk, laban and custard. There were also some souvenirs for the kids.





On a side note, Al Marai is also producing baby formula under the name of Nuralac.

By the way, I mentioned Alyoum Chicken. Its poultry plant is located in Hail.

If you wanna visit Al Marai, you must secure a booking first. You also need to add a little patience since they are usually fully-booked all year round. Chances are if you book now, the available schedule can be on the latter part of next year.

As mentioned earlier, even though the farm is closed, I will still share some pictures of it during our first visit 2 years ago.

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