Riyadh Spring Festival 2016


The weather is changing, the flowers are calling and I must go. 🙂

Who doesn’t love flowers? Whenever I see flowers in full bloom it gives me the feeling of tranquility and bliss. So when I learned about the spring festival here in Riyadh, I immediately convinced myself to go and check it out.




The recently concluded Riyadh Spring Festival was another must see event which aimed to boost tourism in the Kingdom. The venues were Al-Bijairi Quarter in Al-Diraiyyah and Al-Jazirah Square in Exit 16. More than a million flowers of different varieties were arranged and exhibited.

I was lucky enough to visit the festival in Exit 16. At first, I thought it was like the “Panagbenga Festival” in Baguio where there are flower parade and floats. But it was different.

As I entered Jazira Square, I was welcomed by the huge flower carpet.


There was a group of children marching around the square while waving the Saudi flag.

Located on the right side were different companies specializing in landscaping. They had a sample set-up ranging from simple cactus landscape with waterfalls to grand gazeebo arrangement.




A special area was designated for selling bouquet of flowers. Different varieties of roses with assorted colors were selling like hotcakes.




On the opposite side were different stalls selling perfumes, ceramics, souvenirs, toys, food and many more.



A mini zoo with deer and gazelles was also part of the festival.

This is just a display.
This one is real.

There was a mini concert and program for children.



Families also enjoyed having picnic on the vast lawn surrounding the area.


The festival aimed to create environmental awareness while providing an opportunity for families to spend their leisure time happily. It also focused on the latest agricultural products and modern landscaping architecture.

Riyadh Spring Festival was far more different from the flower festivals in the Philippines, but it was really worth a visit.


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