One Sunny Day at Wadi Namar…


If you’re looking for a place to unwind far more different from the usual parks you visit here in Riyadh, then I suggest going to Wadi Namar located in Exit 24. This man-made reservoir is a favorite picnic spot for locals, but recently, more and more expats are visiting the place.


Wadi Namar rehabilitation project included refinement of flood streams and other works necessary to provide the project with infrastructure and services such as local routes, lighting network, a corniche overlooking the lake dam, guidance system, and improved traffic management system to serve local farm owners and hikers. Additionally, the project included a forestation using palm trees and local plants, and landscaping of sidewalks and walkways. (




It was a fine, sunny Friday morning when we went to Wadi Namar. Surprisingly, there was not too much crowd; even parking space was not a problem. We decided to set-up our picnic mat and tables beside the road where there were shady trees. It’s also a great spot to have barbecue.

Another good thing about this place is that it has clean toilets.




The 2-km corniche overlooking the dam surrounded with palms trees was such a relaxing view. You will see families putting up carpet on the concrete pavement. There were also children playing and riding bikes. Others were also feeding ducks and fish with kubus.






After I walked around the area and took some photos, I decided to sit down and rest beside the water channel while enjoying the sight of the lake and dam.  I also found it relaxing gazing at the fish of different sizes.




As the sun’s heat becomes unbearable, we decided to pack up our things and bid goodbye to this ‘newly-discovered’ park.

The management of Wadi Namar is doing its best to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the place. It’s evident on the many street sweepers along the area.  But I noticed that there are still trashes on the water. I think that they should also give attention on cleaning the water or should I say that the visitors should also practice DISCIPLINE, not to throw their garbage on the water and keeping the surrounding clean?! 


By the way you might also get tempted, but Swimming and Fishing are not allowed in the area.


24° 32′ 18″ N 46° 35′ 00″ E


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