Ushaiger Heritage Village

The weather is getting cooler nowadays so I guess it’s time to get ready for some weekend roadtrip.

How about heading  200 km northwest of Riyadh to see Ushaiger, one of the oldest towns of Najd region? Ushaiger means ‘small blonde’, named after the color of the mountain that is surrounding it. During the olden times, this town played a major role as a stopping point of pilgrims going for hajj and umrah from nearby countries.DSC_8357DSC_8402DSC_1977The 2 hrs drive will surely be worth it once you take a glance of the mud houses of Ushaiger Heritage Village. It is one of the historical places in the kingdom restored in its past glory with old houses, mosques, towers, museums and a lot more.DSC_8425DSC_8423DSC_8417I was lucky to visit the heritage village twice. Thanks to Shutter’s Guild photography club. The old mud village’s  landscape, architecture and people are a  perfect subject to practice and hone one’s photography skills.DSC_8438DSC_1978DSC_1845DSC_2036


Being a fan of old architecture and history, walking down the alleys and climbing up the tower to see the entire village was a mixed emotions. I was exhilarated to witness such a remarkable masterpiece but it made me feel a bit sad looking at some of the ruins and abandoned structures. It made me wonder what the life there was during the early times.DSC_8377We were overwhelmed by the friendly locals who were more than willing to showcase their old houses and traditional way of life.DSC_8487DSC_8518DSC_8480

Two thumbs up for the residents’ effort and cooperation in restoring the old village to preserve their culture for the next generation to come.

25.3392°N, 45.1936°E


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  1. Never heard of Ushaiger . The colorful ware in the shop is so beautifully set against the dull sandstone houses. Kudos to the authorities in renovating the village so that people like you may visit them and Kudos to you for bringing them to us 🙂

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