The Quest for Al Baik: Saudi’s Famous Chicken

It was a dusty, windy Friday afternoon when my officemates and some friends went on a quest to taste Saudi Arabia’s most famous chicken.

20180217_100906It was a long overdue plan to visit an Al Baik restaurant. The initial suggestion was to go to Qassim but it never pushed through because it was too far. So when branches in Al Kharj finally opened, we didn’t miss the chance to give it a try.

Past 12 in the afternoon when we started to hit the road for an hour travel to Al Kharj.20180216_130436-1~2The long wait was over when we finally catch sight of Al Baik restaurant. It’s located beside a petrol station and opposite another famous fast food chain. We were excited to hop off the car but unfortunately only men can go inside to order. Alas, after a few minutes they came back with an empty hand. The famous broasted chicken was no longer available. I was like, “is this for real? we travelled all the way here for nothing?!”20180216_194313-1But we never lose hope because there’s another branch located only a few kilometers away from the first restaurant. We couldn’t wait any longer since our stomachs were growling so we moved right away to search for the other one.20180216_195829-1At last, another big Al Baik sign waving on us. There was a long queue on the men’s section. Luckily, this branch has a ladies section for us to order. 20180216_140005~2



20180216_135727~2Aside from its famous broasted chicken, Al Baik also offers a lot of other choices like chicken nuggets, sandwich, shrimp meal and fish fillet meal among others. Surprisingly the service was fast and efficient despite the huge crowd although they don’t have family section. So we looked for a great picnic spot where we can dig in our freshly- cooked, delicious broasted chicken. What I love about Al Baik chicken is that even the breast part is so tasty and oozing with flavor. No wonder people travel miles away just to have a taste of it. It’s also so affordable. A meal which includes 4 pcs large chicken, fries, 2 garlic sauces and a bun costs SAR 13.20180216_193146-1~2

20180216_193251-1~2We savored every moment with Al Baik under shady trees while enjoying the view of Al Kharj’s famous landmark.20180216_145722~2



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