Hello Landmarks Park! Hello World!


Picnic is one of the favorite past times of families here in Saudi. No wonder parks are everywhere. Whether it’s a paid park like Salam Park, a public park, a playground, a lawn or just under the shady tree, everyone finds his own way of relaxation. Children get a chance to play on its spacious playgrounds while parents are chit chatting with their friends over a cup of gahwa (Arabic coffee).

The opening of “Landmarks Park” in Exit 9 is the newest addition to the many recreational parks in Riyadh.

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 Last year, I was able to join a travel writing contest sponsored by Two Monkeys Travel Group. It was my first time to write an article. Being a newbie in this field, it was a self- fulfilling experience to see that my  work was being published online.

So now that I’m starting my own blog, I would like to present to you, my first-ever writing piece….

Here it goes…


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