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One Sunny Day at Wadi Namar…


If you’re looking for a place to unwind far more different from the usual parks you visit here in Riyadh, then I suggest going to Wadi Namar located in Exit 24. This man-made reservoir is a favorite picnic spot for locals, but recently, more and more expats are visiting the place.

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Inside Saudi Aviation Museum


Whether you are an aviation geek, aspiring pilot, plane enthusiast or just curious like me, you will surely have a great time on this museum.

The Royal Saudi Air Force Museum or Saqr Al Jazira was established in 1999. It displays the development of Royal Saudi Air Force from its establishment in 1920s up to present. Continue reading

Hello Landmarks Park! Hello World!


Picnic is one of the favorite past times of families here in Saudi. No wonder parks are everywhere. Whether it’s a paid park like Salam Park, a public park, a playground, a lawn or just under the shady tree, everyone finds his own way of relaxation. Children get a chance to play on its spacious playgrounds while parents are chit chatting with their friends over a cup of gahwa (Arabic coffee).

The opening of “Landmarks Park” in Exit 9 is the newest addition to the many recreational parks in Riyadh.

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 Last year, I was able to join a travel writing contest sponsored by Two Monkeys Travel Group. It was my first time to write an article. Being a newbie in this field, it was a self- fulfilling experience to see that my  work was being published online.

So now that I’m starting my own blog, I would like to present to you, my first-ever writing piece….

Here it goes…


Despite the strict rules and the conservative nature, Riyadh is a place that you will surely love. Continue reading